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Officer Involved Shootings:  Danan Gabaldon

On Thursday, September 21, 2017, Albuquerque's Civilian Police Oversight Board heard three shooting cases, concurring with its Director's concurrence in IA's findings in two and agreeing with the evaluation of the third, in which there appeared to be numerous demonstrations of police misconduct. 

In that third case, the bizarre shooting and running over of a relatively young career criminal - Danan Gabaldon - at Gibson and Unser, SW, by two officers, one of whom was accused of shooting at Gabaldon and the other who may have chased Gabaldon down and run down and injured the suspect.

Albuquerque Journal reporter Ryan Boetel reports on the advisory recommendation of the City's Police Oversight Board to suspend two APD detectives who were found to have used unreasonable force in capturing and subduing a man who had been ramming police vehicles over an extended period of time.

BOOKING MUG Danan Gabaldon, 33

A first report on KRQE on June 4, 2015, described some of what had happened. The Albuquerque Journal published more of the details the next day.  A follow-up report in the Journal in October included video that showed an unmarked police truck chasing Gabaldon down and hitting him as well as officers using Tasers on him. 

The CPOB's recommendation, including its Director's findings, now go to Chief Gorden Eden who has 30 days to agree or give the reasons he does not agree with the oversight board and agency's suggestions.

A lawsuit filed on June 2, 2017, names Det. Kevin Sanchez as the driver of "an unmarked undercover police truck" that ran down and hit Gabeldon with the truck, but only identifies the other charged officer as "John Doe." According to the lawsuit filed by attorney Shannon Kennedy, "Defendant John Doe hit Mr. Gabaldon with the butt of his taser. . . elbowed Mr. Gabaldon in the neck, . . . (and) inadvertently tased an APD Detective as well."

During the pursuit, APD officers attempted a vehicle blocking maneuver but "APD Detective Adrian Montoya hit APD Detective Bradley Perry's car, causing the airbags in Detective Bradley Perry's car to deploy and forcing Detective Bradley Perry to crawl out of his undercover car." APD officers then shot at Gabaldon, which confused other officers "who erroneously believed the shots came from Mr. Gabaldon." Det. Dan Porter was notably unsuccessful as he "deployed his taser, missed with his taser, and then attempted to reload his taser, but became unnerved and threw the live cartridge case to the ground, instead of a spent cartridge."


The lawsuit was filed in State district court and removed to the U.S. district court by the City defendants. It is case No. 17-CV-00751 MV.

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