List of Albuquerque Police Shootings

DateVictimOfficer(s)CommentsPOB Case
2017, 5/26Gamboa, HectorCadroy-Croteau, NathanAPD Officer helping NMSP tactical team near Grants
2017, 5/2Pacheco, Jacobnot statedArriving at burglary scene cops see carjacking in progress.C-21-17
2017, 2/9Brandenburg, LeeMel Acata, Paul Bellgardt, James OrtizShot in legs on San Antonio, with carjack victimC-5-17
2017, 1/26Hernandez, Mosesnot stated3 officers shot and missed HernandezC-4-17
2017, 1/7Lovato, GilbertSgt. Eric Brown, Det. Russ Carter, Det. Nava Marquez3 officers shot and killed Lovato, burgler with BB gun?C-2-17
2016, 10/22Pachecho, Michaelnot statedC-64-16
2016, 6/16Delfino, Ronaldnot statedC-33-16
2016, 5/28Humphrey, DennisJon O'GuinReported drunk and walking outside house with rifleC-26-16
2016, 5/24Montoya, Marionot statedC-23-16
2016, 2/2Alvarado, Edgarnot statedTrailer Park, late night, wrong address?C-7-16
2016, 1/11Salazar, Danielnot statedC-2-16
2015, 12/15Rodriguez, Josenot statedC-8-15
2015, 9/30Anchondo, Oscarnot statedI-171-15
2015, 7/31Molina, Ralphnot statedNo number
2015, 6/4Gabaldon, Danonnot statedNo number
2015, 5/28Garcia, RodrigoCampbell & 10 officersOfficers thought Lt. hit by gunfire, actually fence knocked her overC-18-17
2015, 5/25Gabaldon, Danonnot statedAttempted kidnapper killedNo number
2015, 1/13O'Keefe, Johnnot stated"Suspicious men" reported, 1 shot, killed, w/body armor I-10-2015
2015, 1/9Grant, Jacob (Det.)Brachle, GregCompleted
2015, 1/3Cook, Christophernot statedNo number
2014, 7/22Robertson, Jeremynot statedNo number
2014, 5/22Chavez, RalphGraves, Ryan;
Fuchs, Brian
Chavez killed at 2nd & I-40; Chavez said to pull knife; Fuch's camera not on.
2014, 5/3Martin, ArmandHughes, DanielMartin "went crazy" and killed in Ventqana Ranch home.No number.
2014, 4/21Hawkes, MaryDear, JeremyDear appealed firing, PB reinstated, Court appeal by City.I-2014-99
2014, 3/25Redwine, AlfredEichel, JamesRedwine lost custody of son; shot, killedCompleted
2014, 3/16Boyd, JamesSandy, Keith;
Perez, Dominique
Boyd killed; officers charged, hung jury.I-2014-191
2014, 1/9Robertson, JeremyCarter, RussellSedler & Ornelas on SWAT team. Sedler x2, Ornelas x3.
2013, 12/8Snider, AndyMarquez, Hector
Cadroy-Croteau, Nathan
Snider said to charge officers with hammer; killed.
2013, 12/01Sherrill, ShaneMcPeek, Luke
Munoz, David;
Edison, Jim
Sherrill holding brake pad, had felony warrants.I-2014-119
2013, 11/15Garcia, Sr., RobertRomero, PeterGarcia shot, survived, tried suicide, apologized.I-2015-50
2013, 10/28Ortega, JoaquinPitzer, BrianPitzer in 2 prior shootings, not fatal.I-2014-70
2013, 10/26Chase, ChristopherMcPeek, LukeChase killed.
2013, 7/5Vincent Woodnot statedI-2014-48
2013, 7/5Carroll, KendallAPD officersKilled by NMSP, APD also fired. Carroll previously shot officerI-2014-48
2013, 3/5Dennison, ParrishPerdue,
Woman tries to sell stolen banjo; driver shot, killed
2012, 8/6Solis-Mora, DominickPeck, Jason$240 meth sold to undercover Peck.
2012, 6/28Chavez, Santiagonot statedI-2012-240
2012, 4/19Aragon, DennisHill, MikeAragon fired into air; shot 3 times.
2012, 3/21Atencio, GaryCarter, RussShot at Laguna Pueblo after chase; Carter's 3rd shooting.I-2012-152
2012, 3/19Tillison, DanielSmith, MartinWrongful death suit claims PTSD and APD knew about it.I-2012-129
2012, 1/04Macoldowna, Mark
Kellogg, James;
Bates, Kymberly
Perez, MarioMac. killed; others arrested
2011, 8/30Marquez, MichaelPerdue, JimArmed robbery suspect shot
2011, 6/26Paisano, OrlandoLujan, DamianHolding bayonet; tased & shot 8 times.
2011, 6/4Garcia, RaymondNikko, Troy;
Thomas, William;
Oates, Michael
Garcia caught carjacking, killed in front of Cross Country Motors
2011, 5/10Gomez, AlanWallace, SeanWallace prior shooting 9/22/04 in ChimayoI-2011-194
2011, 4/12Torres, ChristopherBrown, Christopher J.Torres shot in backyard, jury award $10 M, Settled for $6 M.
2011, 2/9Mitschelen, Jacob"Trey" EconomidyMitschelen killed after traffic stops.
2010, 11/10Tenorio, RusselPitzer, Brian;
Moore, Doug
2010, 10/31Sinkevitch, AlexeiSprague, David911 hit-run Reports. Victim had rifle; bled to death
2010, 9/14Barr, ChandlerKelly, LeahBarr cutting arm, Kelly smoking cigar during shooting
2010, 8/17Carrasco, EnriqueBrown, JoshCarrasco shot and killed at Montgom. and San Mateo.
2010, 7/27Fuentes, LenHollier, JeremyFuentes killed.
2010, 6/14Calbert, JulianZwicky, AareonCalbert kidnapped 2 women; call to 911 from car trunk.
2010, 6/10Hinz, ChrisBrown, Eric;
Sedler Anthony
Hinz drunk, shooting in house, killed.
2010, 4/14Marquez, BenjaminStephenson, ZachMarquez smoking while pumping gas at Bway & Gibson.
2010, 3/29Owings, MickeySanchez, KevinSanchez shot at moving vehicle. 40+ witnesses. DOJ used as example. Lawsuit filed by Kennedy Law Firm.
2010, 3/4Castillo, Jose; Martinez, Tanya; Carillo, RaymondLegendre, RogerBeer shoplifting incident, Giant gas; Legendre now a Sgt.
2010, 1/29Cordova, WayneWallace, SeanCordova killed after fleeing; Wallace later shot Alan Gomez
2010, 1/13Ellis III, KenLampiris-Tremba, BrettEllis holding gun to head; S. Wallace also present
2010, 1/9Renfro, AaronCooke, AndrewPassenger in car stopped for speeding killed
2010 10/19Gonzales, DanielBader, Drew:
Ornelas, Ramon
Came to door with 2 rifles.

List of New Mexico Police Killings

List of New Mexico Police Killing Victims

2016, 9/02Moreno, JosephAlamogordoAlamogordo PD
2016, 5/26Navarro, AngelAlbuquerque
2015, 1/13O'Keefe, JohnAlbuquerqueAPD
2016, 2/20Alvarado, Edgar C. AlbuquerqueAPD
2015, 12/22Rodriguez, JoseAlbuquerqueAPD
2016, 5/28Humphrey, DennisAlbuquerqueAPD
2016, 6/16Delfino, RonaldAlbuquerqueAPD
2015, 7/31Molina, RafaelAlbuquerqueAPD
2016, 3/24Sandoval, MarioAlbuquerqueLaguna PD
2015, 5/03Grimm, BillyAlbuquerqueBCSD
2015, 11/11Jaramillo, JosephAlbuquerqueBCSD
2016, 4/26Burke, JackquelynAlbuquerqueBCSD
2016, 5/24Montoya, MarioAlbuquerque`USM
2016, 7/26Duran, JuanArtesiaArtesia PD
2015, 9/1Evans, MichaelArtesiaCPD, Lake Arthur PD
2015, 9/6C de BacaBernalilloBPD
2016, 3/7Chavez, DanielCarlsbadCPD, Eddy CSO
2016, 1/07Franco-Armenta, AlanCarrizozoNMSP
2015, 12/02Lucero, FlorencioDemingDPD
2015, 4/04Noll, EthanEdgewoodNMSP
2016, 7/24Sylversmythe, AlvinGallupGPD
2016, 6/24Herrera, JoshuaHanoverNMSP
2015, 6/17Lanphier, KennethHobbsHPD
2015, 9/7Verrett, WilliamHobbsHPD
2015, 8/12Smith, WilliamHobbsLCSD, HPD
2016, 2/15Saiceda. GuadalupeJalJPD, Lea County Sheriff
2016, 6/27Vierra, TravisLagunaNMSP
2016, 8/21Torres, JuanLas CrucesLCPD
2015, 7/29Malone, MichaelLas CrucesDACSO
2016, 12/02Dunne, JoshLas CrucesLCPD
2015, 6/03Baca, RudyLos LunasVCSD
2015, 9/26Lerma, AlejandroLovingtonLPD
2016, 3/26Guerin, RobertRoswellRPD
2015, 7/31Hatch, JeremyRoswellRPD, CCSO
2015, 5/17Jones, TimothyRuidosoRPD
2015, 2/21Carter, JasonRuidosoNMSP, USM
2016, 8/19Klassen, DavidRuidosoRPD
2016, 1/27Flores, HermanSanta FeSFPD
2015, 8/25Maestas, MarvinSanta FeNMSP, SFPD, SFCSO
2016, 4/21Bascom, NikkiSilver CitySilver City PD
2015, 10/20Lopes, JoelT or CSCSO
2015, 12/18Martinez, RobertTaosTCSO