Frustration and a Study Session

At last month’s (February 9, 2017) meeting Albuquerque’s Civilian Police Oversight Board members expressed their frustration with the limitations imposed by the City and APD officials that some Board members believed has crippled the Police reform effort in Albuquerque.

Civilian Police Oversight Agency Director Ed Harness described efforts to have a voice in the selection of the vendor the City was going to contract with to investigate allegations of tampering with lapel camera videos.  The Board members are anxious to address their concerns to the City Council and see changes made to the City’s police oversight ordinance, but they were advised they should arrange a “study session” with the City Counselors first.

That “study session” was held on Friday, March 10, 2017.

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1 thought on “Frustration and a Study Session

  1. There ought to be a Police Oversight Board update at a regular — formal — City Council meeting, to accompany the study session (at which not all city councilors were present) March 10. The process, if there truly is a process, is evidently cloistered and dysfunctional. Obstruction of justice should not be tolerated

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