DOJ vs ABQ – Docket

Most Recent Order: Doc. 283 (June 5, 2017)

On Friday, June 2, 2017, the DOJ and City filed a Joint Motion to Clarify Court's Directive. They were asking the Judge to advise them whether to distribute copies of the City's draft Report and Action Plan concerning community and public involvement to the amici and "stakeholders" and whether to allow comments before filing it with the Court. Judge Brack's new Order, Doc. 283, sets a schedule that requires distribution of the draft report by June 12 and "any input in writing to the City no later than June 27, 2017." 

Important Docket Entries:

Docket No. Date (yr/mo/da)Description
30317-09-07Clerk's Minutes of Sept. 6 Status Conf.
29917-09-18City's Report No. 6
29517-8-18Monitor's Para. 298 Outcome Report
28917-07-07Clerk's Minutes for July 6, 2017 Status Conference
28217-06-02Joint Motion to Clarify Directive
27417-05-02Monitor's 5th Report
27217-04-28Ltr to Court from McLendon Counsel
27117-04-28Ltr to Court from APD Forward
27017-04-28Ltr to Court from CPOA and CPOB
26817-04-14Opinion & Order clarifying Promo Policy Ruling
26217-03-30Transcript of March 13, 2017 Status Conference
26017-03-16City Reply on Clarification Motion
25617-03-08Status Rpt on Promo Policy
253-017-03-02APD's 5th Report
253-117-03-02Appendix to 5th Rpt
25217-03-02APOA Response on Clarification Motion
25117-02-16City's Motion for Clarification
24917-02-10Joint Report on Monitor
24317-01-04Transcript of Dec. 8, 2016 Status Conf
23816-11-30Opinion & Order on APD's Promotional Policy
22716-11-08Suppl Ltr to Court from APD Forward
19816-08-25APOA Notice of Objection to Promo Policy
10215-02-19MOO Granting APOA Intervention
09915-02-13Reply on APOA Motion to Intervene
06015-01-14CPOA/Hammer Brief
00914-11-14Settlement Agreement