Doc. 284: Minutes of June 8, 2017, Status Conference

Document 284 is minutes of the most recent Status Conference, held in the Federal District Court in Las Cruces on June 8, 2017.

Dr. Ginger and his Monitor Team will be in Albuquerque the week of June 12. The July Status Conference will be held by Magistrate Judge Vidmar.

Judge Brack is requiring the City to submit a Report and Action Plan setting out its prospective plans and proposals. First, however, he is requiring City lawyers to share their plans with others.

The City’s “Report and Action Plan” are due to be filed with the Court no later than July 3, 2017.

Minutes of the Status Conference held last week in Las Cruces suggest some of the issues challenging Albuquerque’s police reformers. 

  1.  The Settlement Agreement requires the Monitor to conduct “Outcome Assessments” charting the progress of the City in complying with the Agreement. The minutes refer to a “number of miscommunications leading to delays.” Dr. Ginger says he is getting only inaccurate and unreliable data, but the City disagrees and cites its new “Data Warehouse” which Dr. Ginger has been able to use since the end of March, 2017. The parties will meet with Dr. Ginger this week and Judge Brack expects an outcome assessment or a report by Dr. Ginger will be given to the Court by August 1.

  2.  The new APD promotional policy is being resolved by Dr. Ginger but Ms. Martinez and Assistant City Attorney Samantha Hults note that the “policy will need to go through public review” and asks the Court to look at the new policy “before public process.”

  3.  Assistant City Attorney Jennica Jacobi gave an update on the Policy Review Process and Dr. Ginger commented that the “new process will work much better.”

  4.  City Attorney Jessica Hernandez stated that the City is in a “difficult position” with respect to IPRA requests for CASA related communications and asks for guidance by the Court. Mr. Killebrew suggests a Rule 26(c) protective order and Dr. Ginger stated that he has “not come across this issue before in other cases.” Mr. D’Amato stated on behalf of the APOA that he would “join in motion” and Judge Brack said he would “consider the motion.”  
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