CPOB Candidate Forum?

Police Oversight Board sets Mayoral Candidate Forum; City Council Says No Way

ABQ Free Press (Aug. 3, 2017):'

Police Oversight Board To Hold Mayoral Candidate Forum

Each candidate will have five minutes to express their views on the subjects. Then, POB board members will have a chance to spend five minutes questioning each candidate.

. . .

POB Chair Joanne Fine set up the forum and has invited all the candidates.

It is a public meeting and open to everyone who wants to attend and hear the candidates’ views. The meeting starts at 5 p.m. in the City Council chambers in Downtown Albuquerque.


(Aug. 7)  Last week Albuquerque's Civilian Police Oversight Board announced it would be holding a Mayoral Candidate Forum where candidates for the City's highest office would each get five minutes to talk about police reform and civilian police oversight.

But at Monday's City Council meeting, just three days before the planned forum City Councillors were unanimous in denouncing the idea, calling it "ridiculous" and "insane."

Some Councillors pointed to the "independent" and "non-political" nature of the CPOB, while others felt it would be inappropriate to hold the political forum in the City Council chambers, which is where the Police Oversight Board meets every month.


City Councillors expressed their outrage over plans by the Civilian Police Oversight Board to hold a Mayor's Candidate Forum on Thursday evening at the Board's monthly meeting.  Councillor Gibson was especially incensed.

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1 thought on “CPOB Candidate Forum?

  1. The establishment’s political figures are caught up with increasing infighting now that extremely limited resources are hitting them smack in the face. As well as many people in the general population the members of council are confronting the fact that as a result of practically nonexistent economic development in Albuquerque — we’re broke (more than $100 million in the current budget is going to “debt service). How funny to have the delaying, deflecting and doing-nothing council acting so awfully territorial with regard to the Vincent E. Griego Chambers; we must bear in mind that this is not just the “city council” chamber since the Bernalillo County Commission Board meets there regularly in addition to the Police Oversight Board, not to mention the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Committee. Councilman Benton again mentioned amending & enhancing the POB legislation, which remains in its raw form since initially passed into law, after he’d said something to that effect in March of this year during a CPOA/POB council “Study Session” that he’d abandoned 20 minutes into

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