CPOA to Investigate Driving Complaints

On February 10, 2013, a police van driven by Sgt. Adam Casaus crashed into Ashley Browder and her younger sister, Lindsay Browder, at the intersection of Paseo del Norte and Eagle ranch NW. Twenty-one year-old Ashley was killed and her sister was injured.  The police vehicle was driving at a high speed.

A few weeks ago the City announced the settlement of the case brought by the Browder family, with the family receiving an $8.5 million settlement in the case.

As part of the settlement the City agreed to provide additional driver training and will work toward implementing other safety provisions and City police cars will bear bumper stickers asking people to report careless or dangerous drivers to 311 .

Ed Harness, Director of the Albuquerque Civilian Police Oversight Agency and Board. stated that the Oversight Board would be getting even more complaints,due to implementation of the plan, to direct all complaints about vehicle accidents to the Oversight Agency.

That, according to an obviously unhappy Harness, would “inundate” the Agency with vehicle accident complaints.

The Police Oversight Board members — whose work was intended to be an integral part of the police reform effort in Albuquerque — should not be surprised by the Chief’s new plan to keep them busy overseeing APD’s motor vehicle accidents and the drivers who caused them.

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